IT Operations - 360 Degree Feedback

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING SUPPORT: If you are a respondent (i.e. you are giving feedback to someone) you do not need a login - just follow the link in the email you have received. Depending on the email system you are using it is possible that the hyperlink parameters in the email have been stripped out and you will be routed to this homepage rather than to the questionnaire. However, you will find the actual URL that you need - including all its parameters - spelled out in the email. Copy and paste these into your browser and you will be taken to the questionnaire. Please follow these instructions carefully before contacting support.


One of the personal development tools we have available for IT Operations staff is 360 degree feedback. This is a technique whereby individuals are rated on their performance by people who know something about them and their work.  This is likely to include their immediate line manager, direct reports and other staff, but also peers and colleagues from within IT Operations and in the wider organisation.  The individual also completes a self assessment which is compared against feedback from their colleagues. Some of the benefits we have seen from the introduction of 360 degree feedback are:-

  • People are more prepared to accept and act on feedback coming from a number of different people, particularly when they have chosen those people providing the feedback.
  • It inspires people to take ownership of their own learning and development
  • People gain better self awareness by learning how their colleagues perceive them.
  • People generally like 360 degree feedback. They take things less personally and are more likely to take on board what's been said.
  • It helps people understand how their behaviour influences both their own personal effectiveness and how they impact the smooth running of the organisation.
  • It improves communication within the organisation and encourages a more open culture where giving and receiving constructive feedback is the norm.
  • It is a very powerful driver for change both for individuals and organisations as a whole.
  • It helps with training needs analysis.

To start your 360 feedback exercise you will receive a call up email containing a link which will take you into the registration and login procedure. PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL CAREFULLY. Once you have done this you will need to answer a self perception questionnaire and nominate a number of your colleagues to fill in the same questionnaire by way of feedback. It is important that you answer all the questions in the questionnaire both multiple choice and free text type questions.

Once you and all your feedback respondents have completed their questionnaires your report will become available online. You will also be able to download the workbook which contains guidance about how to interprete your report and also an action planner for you to complete.